Monday, 17 September 2012

Rockabilly Essentials: Accessories

With my upcoming rockabilly tea party (The Mad Hepcat's Tea Party) I'm putting together a mini series of entries of everything rockabilly: Clothes, Accessories, Hair & Make Up, and Music.

So we got the clothes sorted in the last instalment, and now it's time for the accessories. Personally, I wear very few accessories, but I do always wear one. I'm a little bit famous for my bandannas, always in either red or blue - but mainly blue - as I frequently have one tied around my head. At work, I wear a few bangles, as I feel they add a little vintage tiki to any outfit, and sometimes a necklace, usually in a tattoo design. Although having my ears pierced I very rarely wear earrings; I'm not entirely sure why I don't decorate my aural lobes, but they're just something I never really think about. I make my own hair flowers (it's really very simple!) but there are numerous shops online to cater for these. There aren't really any restrictions for handbags, from wicker, to lucite, to leather satchels to vintage clutches.

Me vainly posing my bandanna wearing

Most online shops sell a mixture of the above so here is my selection of the very best:

I own this! It's awesome! Swallows are a big theme in rockabilly jewellary
This comes ready folded so just tie and go! Like clothing, leopard print is popular with accessories

I group various colours and shapes altogether for variety
It's wicker, it's cherry-fied, it's tiki, it's everything in one bag.

Great little set (I own the earrings!)
Mexicana style skulls are also popular
Etsy is also great for finding little producers who make their own accessories for you to buy. Just searching 'hair flowers', or prefixing any accessory type with 'rockabilly' with through up numerous results to browse through.

Black anchor hair flower
Hawaiian flowers are a my favourites
What have we learned from this accessory lesson? Well, wear as much or as little as you like, and you can stick to one theme or mix and match!
Stay tuned for my next instalment: Hair & Make Up

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