Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Day I Fell In Love With A Town.

For a while now I've been thinking of what to do when I've graduated. I know I'm going back south (I'm a softy southerner for life, there's no denying it), but where oh where shall I go? Well, I think I've solved the conundrum...BRIGHTON! If I was a town, I'd like to say I was Brighton. It's everything I love in a town: the sea, lots of little shops and things to see, and lots of nice people that don't stare at me like I'm a ghost or a freak.

Last Tuesday I pootled down on the train (only an hour and a half from Southampton too!) to scout out the possibilities I could encounter if I moved there. First, I headed to the sea - it called to me you see - and, oh, how glorious it was! It was sunny, yet had a little breeze, and I ate my sandwich gazing on the remains of the old pier. Bliss! It took me a little while to find The Lanes (I headed up the wrong way) but with a little help from a nice lady in Bert's I got myself there. I wasted away a good few hours just browsing the stores (I could have spent thousands of pounds but alas, I am poor), admiring the variety of things available. You can only imagine my joy when I found a shop dedicated to rockabilly fashion that sold Freddie's of Pinewood jeans! They also had loads of events advertised in the window that only added to my ever growing list of why-Hannah-should-move-to-Brighton. One final mention to a shop that I could have possibly lived in: Irregular Choice. You may have seen Irregular Choice's shoes in Schuh but this was there proper store and wow! The stuff they had in there was phenomenal! Yes, they are quite pricey, but they are so, so, so pretty! Just look at the window display for a little taster of their goodies!

Irregular Choice window display - Give me them ALL!
Nice bit of tiki! There are a fair few tiki bars in Brighton too
I took luncheon by the Brighton Pavilion, as one must! It was possibly my favourite lunch of all time, and I can see, if I move there, an addiction developing. I had a pastrami, swiss cheese and mustard bagel with Root Beer. How American!

The archaeologist and general museum lover got distracted by the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. Unfortunately I was one week too early to enjoy the Biba & Beyond exhibition, but it's on until Easter, so I'm sure I'll head down to see it at some point. The museum itself is really wonderful - there is something there to entertain anyone and everyone, whether it's modern art, traditional art, design, history, archaeology...the list goes on! And, best of all, it's free! I inquired about jobs and volunteering there, and got a few numbers, so it seems the ball is already beginning to roll!

(Going Clockwise) 1930s glass tea set, 4000 year old Egyptian sandals, tea cup with  moustache protector, 1920s silver thread wig
Oh Brighton! How I love you! I can only hope that one day I will become a proud citizen of your town!


RCagz said...

Oh I do love Brighton so. I'm trying to persuade the family into making this a yearly trip for us.
Next time you go there, take the day to stroll along the whole shoreline. There's some really adorable stores along the seaside, plus art galleries and pubs/bars.
Would love to move there one day too, can I live with you? ;) xoxo

Roxie Roulette said...

Ooh! I kinda ran out of time to do the whole shore as I was just distracted by pretty things in The Lanes aha! We should definitely live there! It's not LA like we used to plan but it's close enough!