Saturday, 22 September 2012

Chaps at Goodwood

As I said in my little ditty on this years Goodwood Revival my personal highlight was the antics of the Chap Olympiad. Usually held in July, the fellas over at The Chap magazine also put on their alternative (and, in some counts, far superior) Olympic events. The afternoon started with the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic pipe and continued with events such as Bicycle Jousting (two chaps - or chappettes - stride forward on their triumphant steeds brandishing umbrellas and briefcases), the deadly duel with lobsters (first to pluck bodily hair from his opponent is the winner), and moustache tug-of-war. There were three instalments of the event, culminating in the award ceremony, with Mr Marlowe taking first place, and the ceremonial extinguishing of the Olympic Pipe.

I shall say very little else on the event, and let my 'wonderful' photographing do the talking...

Editor-in-Chief Mr Gustav Temple starts things off
Chappette Bethan looking the pinnacle of British elegance
Bicycle Jousting was my personal favourite. I don't think Agatha could handle it though.
Not a fragment of Lycra in sight
No lobsters were harmed in the duel
Heave Ho!

Bravo, chaps! Splendid show!

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