Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Time, Pickled Eggs and Ale!

Christmas has come and gone - it never has the same spark as when you were a child, does it? Oh well! I received some lovely things, gave some gorgeous gifts and drank way too much. You know it's the festive period when you don't go a day without a copious amount of alcohol!

I wanted to share with you what I had brought my family before Christmas, but you never know who's reading...So I'll share now!

For my mum I bought her a vintage handbag from Geek Vintage who have their shop just down the road from where I live in Liverpool; sadly I have no pictures of the bag as I left my camera at uni! Dong! For my dad I got him a cheerful t-shirt, which of course his best friend Mark had to get as well! I swear those two plan their wardrobes for when we go away! Kinda freaky really...For both the parents, my sister and I got them some Flying Ducks from Notorious Kitsch which will look splendid in their new kitchen whenever it gets done, aha! For my sister, I said I wouldn't get her much but she really needed a new web cam so she got one of those, and also a brilliant hat from Topshop which has ears when you wear it! I thought it was a bit different from the other bear beanies you see around, and so far she hasn't taken it off, along with her onesie haha!

As for my I got a lovely new pair of Freddie's of Pinewood dungarees to go with the top Chloe bought me from them as well. I love Freddie's jeans and judging by the women of the rockabilly community they are the best 1940s style jeans around. I have a pair of their jeans already and they are a must for when I go to shows, but I have always admired their dungarees. The trouble is that being 6' tall with long legs, dungarees never seem to sit right with me, but this isn't a problem with my Freddie's pair!

Me in my Freddie's jeans, photo courtesy of Steve Biddlecombe Photography

What else did I get? Well of course I got my annual restock of Soap & Glory products which was previously running dangerously low; this year I received a tub of 'Righteous Butter' moisturiser, 'Scrub Your Nose In It' facial exfoliating mask,  'Off Your Face' facial wipes, and 'Hand Food' hand cream all from my aunt who had cleverly done a lucky dip of twelve products for me, my sister and my mum to share out, and also 'a Butter Suite' which is a selection of Soap & Glory's best body butters. This reminds me that I need to do a review for the selection of Soap & Glory products that I own!

As for the Christmas period itself it's been none stop visiting and being visited, but having been away from home so long its great to see everyone again! On Christmas Eve I spent the afternoon watching ITV's pantomime's with my cousins, eating plenty of food with mum's side of the family and finally going to sleep past midnight after watching the tradition that is Gavin & Stacey: The Christmas Special. Christmas Day went unbelievably fast with my grandparents (from dad's side) staying at our house. Boxing Day was supposed to start by going to Steve Biddlecombe's annual meet up at Romsey for the car owners (which I heard raised an amazing £1,100 for Prostate Cancer Charity), but dad's car froze over so that was out of the question. Instead we went to dad's youngest brother's house where I ate pickled eggs and drank plenty of ale. Oh so feminine! My godparents came over that evening and yes, you guessed it, we ate some more! How the fridge is still full of Christmas food I'll never know!

So that's it, that was my Christmas! I have one and a half days left of 2010, what shall I do with it? Hmmm...

See you then!

Friday, 24 December 2010

So this is Christmas...

Woah! I have not written a blog in what, nearly a month? Maybe more? Shocking! I have the regular excuses of a busy schedule and plainly nothing exciting to write about.

So what has happened? Well my first semester at university is over and what a trip it has been! Okay so the uni experience isn't as wild as I thought, riddled with sex and drugs, but it certainly is an experience. I've met so many new people that when I came home I immediately missed them and felt like I was leading two lives. I think it's because you live with these people 24/7 that you feel like you've known them forever and they become such an important part of your life. There was one weekend where there was no one on my floor, so what did I do? What does any student supposedly do? That's right, get steaming drunk and do stupid stuff like proclaiming love in a chip shop!

Rosie, Me, Rachel, Anna

As you may have noticed from that hair is brown! The verdict is still out for the colour really, some people telling me they love it, other's begging me to go back to blonde. So, hmmm, who knows really? I think I'll be blonde again in the summer though.

What else to tell you about? Well I'm trying to get my hair accessories business up and going (HannaLuLu Hair Accessories) and I have all my stock, one stockist at The Vintage Hair Lounge, but really need to get a good logo going so I can have a stall at a few vintage fairs maybe, and some sort of selling website thing.

So this is Christmas at last! In fact I'm typing this opening my advent calender, eating a mince pie and listening to 'Fairytale of New York' (Ahhh the festive line "You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap, lousy faggot!" is so loving).

Hopefully you'll hear from me in the next couple of days with an update of pressies, over eating and general good tidings!