Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Vintage Hair Lounge

In January I was sat at my laptop when up popped an email; my regular newsletter from Besame Cosmetics was here! At the bottom I read about how they had a new stockists at Vintage Hair Lounge which excited me greatly! After a few prayers to the gods of all things vintage and glamour I clicked the link to their website and jumped for joy at seeing their salon would be at Southampton!

I quickly headed down to where they said the salon would be but was disheartened when I saw the salon was empty and, practically, a building site. However there was a sign on the glass door saying that they had a temporary base in the Bargate Shopping Centre. Soon I took another trip and met the owners, mother and daughter team, Gloria and Sharon Holloway, who were just as lovely and amazing as I imagined! We talked for hours and have now become good friends with the both of them.

Their theme of 'Keep Calm and Carry On' was their backbone of morale during this time and was celebrated at their Tea Party in August. Here ladies and gents discussed all things vintage whilst the ivories were tinkered in the background. Stall holders could sell their wares, including Besame Cosmetics and Dolly Cool jewellary whilst the salon took bookings for cuts and stylings.

The ladies were invited to be a part of the very first Vintage @ Goodwood, which was another roaring success and were later asked back for Goodwood Revival, so it can safely be said that these ladies are making names for themselves!

The salon stayed in the Bargate Centre for a few months until October 2010 when they moved into their fantastic salon at Kimber House, 118 High Street. Now they are set up and business is booming with beautiful VE Day themed window displays adding something eye-catching and different to Southampton's highstreet.

Call in and book an appointment! You won't be disappointed! With their specialisation ranging from the 1920s til modern, and Sharon's background in theatrical cosmetology they can make you into anything from Greta Garbo, to Marilyn Monroe to the Bride of Frankenstein!

Find them on Facebook and Twitter, and read their official blog.

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