Thursday, 31 January 2013


It was one of my New Year's Resolutions to promote my blog and 'alter ego' more. So tonight I took the, what I see as, rather vain step and made my very own Facebook page. It's now all fancy linked in the side bar to the right of this very post, but here is a link here too anyway:

If you're a reader of mine and want to keep up to date with my posts and my life shenanigans then please go and give it a 'like' :)

Thank you!

Vogue #2

Hello! I'm back again with the second installment/verse of my Vogue series, covering my favourite photos of the stars of yesteryear as dictated by the one and only Madonna. Catch part one here

Grace Kelly; Harlow, Jean
Picture of a beauty queen
Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire
Ginger Rogers, dance on air

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco on the cover of the magazine itself!
I've always thought Jean Harlow looked forever cheeky - you know if you went on a night out with her it would be one to remember...or not! (Also...I think she looks a lot like my mum but that's another story!)
My, my Mr Kelly was a handsome man!
Oh to have danced with Fred Astaire!
I always have serious hair envy for Ginger Rogers. Even upside down it looks amazing!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Dear Diary...

For a gal that hasn't kept a diary since she was ten, I think my latest personal project might be a little bit tricky...

I plan on keeping a daily diary of my last semester as an archaeology student of the University of Liverpool. I have realised that I have no lasting, written memories of my university life. Yes, I have this blog (although it rarely deals with student stuff) and I have my Tumblr blog, but that is mostly just rants and ramblings with more than a smattering of photos of various things, sometimes dubious, sometimes beautiful, sometimes absolutely hilarious. But what if, shock horror, I should leave said sites, would I have to show for what went on? I might have the blurred memories of nights out and on the sofa, and the odd printed off photo, but what about my everyday life? The person I met that one time in the Guild? The project/s I'm working on that very day?

I love my little book! Bargain find from Brighton in the summer - I got one of the last ones ever made as the Victorian company sadly closed it's doors.

So, this is my vow: for fifteen minutes every evening I will write up my day. If I am going out that night I will write before I go out, and then add the night into the next day's entry. It might be half a page, it might be three, but it will be my memories. Obviously, this is a personal project so I won't be sharing it with you, or probably anyone for that matter, but I thought I'd tell y'all about it anyway, aha! 

It's also nice just to write something personal by hand too. Viva la handwriting!

(This also happens to be my 100th post! Woo! Go me!)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vogue #1

During my absence from blogging (due to yet more technical issues) I spent a lot of time listening to my music collection - I managed to listen to every track on my iPod on shuffle, quite an achievement! One track led to the inspiration for this post, and the following ones of the theme. Madonna. I haven't done anything on this woman on this blog, and yet I love her. So, here it is, the Vogue rap, verse by verse, in my favourite pictures of the stars.

Greta Garbo, and Monroe
Dietrich and DiMaggio
Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean
On the cover of a magazine

Greta Garbo - I love her simple 1930s style with the iconic thin eyebrows
Marilyn Monroe - Controversially I'm not a big fan of the classic Marilyn look, but I think she is one of the most natural beauties in her earlier photos
Marlene Dietrich - I was going to do the stereotypical Marlene-in-a-suit photo but then I came across this and I want this on my wall!
Joe DiMaggio - apparently he's 'boning his bat', that's not a euphemism 
Marlon Brando - Words do not describe my love, love, for this man.
James Dean - I used to have this as a poster on my wall from the age of 11. Most kids had Blue/McFly/Busted...I had Jimmy Dean.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Making A Spectacle Of Myself

First off I would like to wish all my lovely readers a very Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely festive season and a good new year! I've decided not to do a Christmas post or a 2012 recap because, well, my Christmas was pretty much ruined by some f*ck wit Grinch who broke into our house on Christmas Day, and I think I kept you quite up to date in 2012 to not do a recap.

Anyway, moving onto the purpose of this post...I got new glasses! Specsavers, you were marvellous! They had an amazing range of frames - Gok Wan, I might not like your style advice, but your glasses are lovely! - and because I am an existing customer with my contact lenses and the lark I got my £99 for £35! The lenses were included but you'd have to pay for some extras - I didn't get any, don't see the point.

Apologies for the photo quality but my laptop is currently in hospital so I don't have access to a decent camera :(

(As you can also see, the blue hair is still going strong after one month!)