Monday, 28 January 2013

Dear Diary...

For a gal that hasn't kept a diary since she was ten, I think my latest personal project might be a little bit tricky...

I plan on keeping a daily diary of my last semester as an archaeology student of the University of Liverpool. I have realised that I have no lasting, written memories of my university life. Yes, I have this blog (although it rarely deals with student stuff) and I have my Tumblr blog, but that is mostly just rants and ramblings with more than a smattering of photos of various things, sometimes dubious, sometimes beautiful, sometimes absolutely hilarious. But what if, shock horror, I should leave said sites, would I have to show for what went on? I might have the blurred memories of nights out and on the sofa, and the odd printed off photo, but what about my everyday life? The person I met that one time in the Guild? The project/s I'm working on that very day?

I love my little book! Bargain find from Brighton in the summer - I got one of the last ones ever made as the Victorian company sadly closed it's doors.

So, this is my vow: for fifteen minutes every evening I will write up my day. If I am going out that night I will write before I go out, and then add the night into the next day's entry. It might be half a page, it might be three, but it will be my memories. Obviously, this is a personal project so I won't be sharing it with you, or probably anyone for that matter, but I thought I'd tell y'all about it anyway, aha! 

It's also nice just to write something personal by hand too. Viva la handwriting!

(This also happens to be my 100th post! Woo! Go me!)

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RCagz said...

Have always loved your handwriting Cruse! I've seen a few people taking on this kind of project this year :) I'm doing a little memory box with all the good stuff that happens this year xoxo