Friday, 4 January 2013

Making A Spectacle Of Myself

First off I would like to wish all my lovely readers a very Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely festive season and a good new year! I've decided not to do a Christmas post or a 2012 recap because, well, my Christmas was pretty much ruined by some f*ck wit Grinch who broke into our house on Christmas Day, and I think I kept you quite up to date in 2012 to not do a recap.

Anyway, moving onto the purpose of this post...I got new glasses! Specsavers, you were marvellous! They had an amazing range of frames - Gok Wan, I might not like your style advice, but your glasses are lovely! - and because I am an existing customer with my contact lenses and the lark I got my £99 for £35! The lenses were included but you'd have to pay for some extras - I didn't get any, don't see the point.

Apologies for the photo quality but my laptop is currently in hospital so I don't have access to a decent camera :(

(As you can also see, the blue hair is still going strong after one month!)


Katrin said...

I so so so love your hair! The blue suits you wonderfully. And the glasses are very sweet too :)

Roxie Roulette said...

Thank you very much! I can't decide whether or not I want to keep it or not - it's a lot of upkeep!

Katrin said...

I know, mine´s partially green. But I find it totally worth the work :) And may I say that for one month the blue is still incredibly vibrant.

Jemima Granny Chic Gal said...

Your hair is fab. So are your glasses!