Saturday, 24 December 2011

I Hear Those Sleigh Bells Ring-A-Ling!

As I will be too busy stuffing my face full of scrumptious food tomorrow I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very

Merry Christmas!

I have already been to church like a good girl, eaten plates full of cheese, and watched countless movies! Tomorrow my grandparents will have all seven of their grandchildren at my parents' house, ranging in age from twenty (aka, me) to just seven months. Boxing Day will be spent at the annual Romsey Classic Car & Bike Meet and then eating the last of the food - although I bet you there will be much more left over!

Whatever you are doing I hope you have a very wonderful day! Eat, drink and be merry! God bless you all!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

I knew I was right! - Roxie Reviews: Young James Herriot

Remember a while back when I said the 1930s would be the decade for 2011? Well it looks like my predictions came true with the BBC's latest mini-series Young James Herriot coming to our Christmas viewing, as a prequel to All Creatures Great and Small - it even stars Ciaran McMenamin who was also in 32 Brinkburn Street. Set in Glasgow in (I can only guess) around 1933/1934, the three-part series follows James (Iain de Caestecker) in his first term as a veterinary student with his friends the suave and money-hungry Rob McAloon (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) and Emma 'Whirly' Tyson (played by one of my favourite actresses who is far too overlooked, Amy Manson), and the trials they overcome both animal-wise and life-wise.

Naturally, as she is marvellous, Whirly is my favourite character. She's feisty and headstrong with her battles against the masochistic Professor Gunnell and his refusal to provide a women's WC, providing a stark contrast to Jenny Muirhead, the naive wet blanket daddy's girl who is the only other female student in the institution. Whirly's aunt, Mrs Munro, is also high up there on my favourite character list, if only for her wardrobe!

Whirly Tyson

Mrs Munro
 Although televised at 9pm I couldn't see much more than a flash of a (poorly accented) German man's bottom to warrant the post-watershed viewing. It's lighthearted to watch with little drama to warrant braincell action and characters that aren't too extreme or too boring. It is available on iPlayer until 27th December.

James Herriot

Rob McAloon

Jenny Muirhead - Who does have fabulous hair!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Getting to know me

After a year of blogging I thought it was about time for me to shoot some random facts at my readers! I stole this from the beautiful Bettina Scarlett - who's birthday it is today, I believe! - and I hope you enjoy (and don't find this sort of thing tedious and boring!).


B-Bed size:

At uni I have a double and at home I have a single - I have fallen out of the single when I've sprawled out in the night expecting there to be more bed when there is actually just thin air.

C-Chore that you hate:

Cleaning the bathroom. For a girl that loves playing with hair, I absolutely hate it once it's fallen out and is all stuck to the tub. Bleugh.


Really not fussed by them. I'm much more of a cat person than a dog.

E-Essential start to your day:

Ooh I can't go without my morning cup of tea. And my elevensies tea. And my lunch tea. And my three o'clock tea. Well, you get the picture.

F-Favourite Colour:

Hmmm...a tricky one. I love red, but I love green too, any shade of either really. Can I have two favourites?

G-Gold or silver:

If it's a classic piece of jewellery then I like to be gold, but I am more likely to wear silver because I think it suits me better. Saying that, I think I'd prefer a yellow gold wedding band, just for the traditional element.


6' (that's a fathom in sea terms!). I've always been the tallest throughout my life - I was something ridiculous like 22" long when I was born I think, and had to wear boys clothes when I was a kid because girl's stuff just didn't fit me - and I don't think that is ever going to change. It used to really bother me, and sometimes it still does, like when I'm in a club wearing heels and there is literally no one else taller than me, but I've come to just accept that I am a tall freak.

I-Instruments you play:

I got to grade three on the trumpet but I gave it up eight or nine years ago so I don't know if I am any good anymore. I can play a little piano but nothing special.

J-Job title:

I'm a second year student studying Archaeology at the University of Liverpool.


Definitely. I can't wait to be a mother! Well, I can, I don't want to be a mother by next Christmas or anything, but once I've met the right man then sure, why not.


Born and bred 'Ampshire girl, but live in Liverpool for university.

M-Mothers name:



No one actually calls me Roxie; to be honest I don't know what I'd do if anyone actually called me Roxie. It would very weird. My Ferny girls call me Crusey as Anna and Hannah (especially when Hannah said in a Hampshire accent is Anna) are just too similar.

O-Overnight hospital stays:

Never had one! In fact, touch wood, I've never had to go to hospital for anything more than a blood test.

P-Pet peeves:

I think I'm actually quite a bitter person, like one of those old biddies that can't stop moaning. I hate ungentlemanly men and ladette women. Manners maketh the man, as the say. Also, if you're inside, gents, please remove your headwear. Thanks. 

Q-Quote from a movie:

"You sure is pretty in them tight clothes, all painted up like trash!" - Romona Ricketts in Cry Baby

R-Right or left handed:

I'm right handed but my left hand isn't completely useless, just not as good.

I have a younger sister, Chloe.

T-Time you wake up:

I try and wake up before or around 9. Note: wake up. I don't get up for a long time after that!


Ooh I do love underwear! I wish I had the bank balance to buy pretty underwear, corsets and hundreds of pairs of stockings - I hate tights and only wear them if I really have to.

V-Vegetable you hate:

Well there's the really obvious one: sprouts. I force myself to eat two a year (with my Christmas dinner) and that's it! No more!

W-What makes you run late:

Not getting out of bed in time, and my contact lenses. If those buggers don't go in quickly then it mucks up the time I have for my hair and make up. 

X-X rays you've had:
Never had one! (Again, touch wood!)

Y-Yummy food that you make:

I make a good toad in the hole - I make it every Sunday when I'm at uni - and I like to think my Greek isn't bad, especially my feta and courgette fritters.

Z-Zoo animal:
Not a massive fan of zoos, or animals for that matter, but I like to watch chimps. They fascinate me!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

You Can Take The Girl Out The South...

Yet again I find myself apologising for not posting recently. I've been ridiculously busy with uni work (nothing like writing 10,000 words in three weeks, is there?) so, obviously, that has taken priority. However, with just one week until I venture home to the south, I'm starting to get that Christmassy vibe. Bring on the mulled wine and mince pies!

Until then I shall leave you with my new favourite-song-that-reminds-me-of-home:

Frank Turner - Wessex Boy

Let me tell you all a little story of the things I've found,
Hanging out and drinking with my friends in the cathedral grounds,
And later dodging drunks as we dance along Jury Street,
As we wander up town to the railway our friends to meet,

There's something about coming back to your hometown again,
The place where you grew up and where you found your firmest friends,
And though none of them still live here, I've got nowhere to go,
I'm a Wessex Boy and when I'm here I'm home

Let me tell you all a little story of the things I've lost,
Huddling for warmth on the top step of the Buttercross,
Sitting on the benches by the bridges at the riverside,
Of counting down the hours for the buses cause I missed my ride