Thursday, 22 December 2011

I knew I was right! - Roxie Reviews: Young James Herriot

Remember a while back when I said the 1930s would be the decade for 2011? Well it looks like my predictions came true with the BBC's latest mini-series Young James Herriot coming to our Christmas viewing, as a prequel to All Creatures Great and Small - it even stars Ciaran McMenamin who was also in 32 Brinkburn Street. Set in Glasgow in (I can only guess) around 1933/1934, the three-part series follows James (Iain de Caestecker) in his first term as a veterinary student with his friends the suave and money-hungry Rob McAloon (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) and Emma 'Whirly' Tyson (played by one of my favourite actresses who is far too overlooked, Amy Manson), and the trials they overcome both animal-wise and life-wise.

Naturally, as she is marvellous, Whirly is my favourite character. She's feisty and headstrong with her battles against the masochistic Professor Gunnell and his refusal to provide a women's WC, providing a stark contrast to Jenny Muirhead, the naive wet blanket daddy's girl who is the only other female student in the institution. Whirly's aunt, Mrs Munro, is also high up there on my favourite character list, if only for her wardrobe!

Whirly Tyson

Mrs Munro
 Although televised at 9pm I couldn't see much more than a flash of a (poorly accented) German man's bottom to warrant the post-watershed viewing. It's lighthearted to watch with little drama to warrant braincell action and characters that aren't too extreme or too boring. It is available on iPlayer until 27th December.

James Herriot

Rob McAloon

Jenny Muirhead - Who does have fabulous hair!

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