Friday, 15 June 2012

Good Stock.

I've been meaning to get a photo of these two (shockingly bad quality as it is!) and show you all what wonderfully handsome great grandparents I have. These are my dad's mum's parents (capice?). A lot of people say I look like my Great Nan Evelyn, and there are some similarities but I'm not completely convinced myself though. There is no doubting my dad's resemblance to his Grandad George though!


Home Style Catch Up.

I am half way through what is shaping up to be a very, very hectic June. It started with copious and various parties, including Liverpool's latest student night: Untitled (run by my friend, Hasan!). I won't bore you about those parties, they were mostly drunken slurs of sweaty bodies jumping up and down to music, but I will provide a sneaky pic of what clobber I donned.

Ooh err you can see my brazier!

Can anyone else see the 'orb' over Rachel's eye? Is it Felix coming out to play for one last time? This is probably the last photo you'll see of that living room as we are all soon to move out!

What else? What else? Well I went home for the first time in two months, which, although short, was lovely! I got to see the family I didn't get to see at Easter, got a nice lunch by the marina in Warsash, and took a trip to Winchester with my darling sister.
I can't decide if I want to live in this house or one nearer the river...

So tomorrow I'm off on a two week dig on the Isle of Man - I'll do a little overview of those shenanigans when I return. And then it's the big move. Well, it's not a big move as such as I'm only moving four streets down the road but without the aid of a car it'll be strenuous to say the least! One last thing before I sign off to live in a hole: I'll leave you a (more than obvious) clue as to a new venture myself and a colleague are hoping to go into...

I hope W/S magazine don't mind me nicking this! (Check out Winchester Fashion Week! Almost over!)