Sunday, 1 March 2015

Roxie Reviews: House of Satin Lingerie

(Ooh well I haven't done one of these for a while!)

House of Satin is a new vintage inspired lingerie brand which hit the market late last year. I've heard great things from them and their stuff is super reasonably priced so I thought, why not? In the words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle "treat yo self!", From their eBay shop, I bought myself their "Vintage Style Full Cover Bra", a pair of briefs and their girdle, all in pale blue. I think the whole set came to just over £30 which is Less than one What Katie Did bra!

Delivery was quick and I ripped open the parcel to reveal my goodies. The bra fitted well and definitely gave that vintage shape that us so-inclined lasses desire. What I particularly liked was the subtle shape, as it wasn't as pointy as a harsh 1950s bullet bra but definitely still had that perkiness that's more akin to 1940s and 1960s shapes. I'm yet to wear it under anything but I know it's going to fit well. I have little to comment on the briefs apart from they're comfy, good quality fabric and the elastic doesn't cut too much into my skin.

The girdle...hmmmm. I'm still in two minds about this. It looks great and it does hold my stockings up (always a bonus for long legged ladies like myself), but it doesn't hold much support in the tummy and definitely doesn't nip in the waist like other brands do. This might just be because I bought the wrong size, but the fabric doesn't feel secure or elastic-y enough to have much support no matter the size. I bought a medium, which fits well on my thighs but not so great my waist - maybe if I had bought a small the waist would have fitted better but then I worry it would have cut into my thighs. One last thing I would like to see is adjustable straps on the suspenders as they didn't quite sit well, but that is just a little thing.

All in all, House of Satin is amazing value for someone who wants to fill their lingerie draw with good quality, vintage style pieces. It is much more affordable than other brands but their bras and knickers are just as good quality. Their shapewear could be stronger in hold but it looks pretty and does keep stockings up securely. I'm definitely going to be buying more from House of Satin to add to my collection! Definitely can't wait to see what their Spring/Summer 2015 range brings us!

(Photography by Jae Storer Photography)