Monday, 30 March 2015

It All Went Peachy Keen!

I think I have just about recovered from the first Peachy Keen Vintage Fair. It was a long old day, starting at 8am and finishing just before 5, jam packed of lifting and shifting, selling and singing!

I had such a good time doing it, and have even set the date for the next one - Saturday 30th May!

Doors opened at 11am at St Peter's By The Waterfront and the public came streaming in. Over 230 people came through the doors that day, and the vast majority (I think there were two grumbles) had a swell time. Traders were super happy with their day's work, and many have booked in to trade again in May! 

Photo credits to John 'Swampy' French

If you would like information on the next Peachy Keen Vintage Fair please get in touch via email - spaces are filling up fast for traders but I'm always looking for contacts!

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