Monday, 15 November 2010

Advent Laptops

Note to self: never, ever, buy an Advent laptop from Curry's again!

I got this laptop for my 18th birthday, so it is little over a year old. Already I have had to have the hard-drive completely replaced and now the charger is dodgy.

The hard-drive was the first problem. The laptop had never performed as well as it should - programs would often freeze the computer, the keyboard was unresponsive and the speakers are, to be frank, awful quality. This was enough to annoy me as I know it was not a cheap laptop. Then one day in June, the laptop wouldn't even turn on! Having taken it to Curry's we were told that there was nothing they could do in the store and we would have to fix it ourselves. Now don't get me wrong, I may look like I live in the post-war years but I do have, wait for it, colour television and an internet connection (I hear it's open on Sundays now!), but to ask me to fix my laptop myself is beyond the joke! Eventually it was taken away and fixed and came back all lovely and sparkly and it worked perfectly.

However, turning it on yesterday I encountered another problem; the battery died on me even though I had it plugged in. Silly old me had not noticed that the battery had not been charging as shown by the icon on the screen, and I had just accepted that the plug in had been charging the battery. Evidently, it had not. The connection was loose and so I now have to fiddle and wiggle it around to make sure the laptop remains charged. This is a pain, so I decided to take the trip into town to buy a new one. What would you say was the average price of a new charger? Well I would have said £50 maximum, so you can imagine my shock when they told me that would be one hundred of my British pounds! That is a third of the value of the laptop from new!

So, the moral of this story, ladies and gentlemen, is NEVER BUY AN ADVENT LAPTOP!!

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Anonymous said...

I think Advent computers are okay, but I'd recommend buying it from a specialist store, as opposed to just Curry's, because they're just a generic technology shop which struggles to have any specialty.

I've had trouble with my Dell laptop which I bought from PC World, and I think it's purely because I bought it in-store instead of directly from Dell. Meh.