Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Why hello there!

So for my first blog I thought I should probably introduce myself. So, hi!

As you may have guessed, my real name is not Roxie Roulette - no parent would ever give their child such an exotic and awesome name! My real name will, however, remain secret; I think it adds to the mysterious allure, don't you agree? I adopted Roxie Roulette when I started doing a little bit of modelling, but more about that later.

I currently live in Liverpool, having moved there nearly two months ago to start my university course - Archaeology BA if you cared to know - and I love it! It's so different to my home town of Southampton! Southampton is tiny in comparison and it can't really measure up to Liverpool's vibrant life.

As I said before, I grew up in Southampton with my family and friends all around me, but have now branched out into the big wide world of 'adulthood' (so they say anyway!). My family are what some like to call 'Throwbacks' meaning they live in another decade; our's, thankfully, being the 1950s rather than something hideous like the 1970s. My dad has the classic slicked back quiff whilst my mum sports flaming red hair done up in the styles of long, long ago.

It is my parents and their friends that I have to thank for my passion and love of vintage and rockabilly. I admit that I am not as dedicated as I would like to be, but when I can I like to sleep in rollers, wake up and put on my Freddie's of Pinewood Jeans and add a touch of red lipstick. I suppose I'm more dedicated in the summer when you can more than likely find me at a car show or rockabilly weekender - this summer myself and my dad managed to make a show every weekend!

From my vintage lifestyle I got into a little bit of modelling, focussing on classic glamour and pin-up. I was always told that I could be a model because of my height, but when I got to my teenage years it became obvious that I was no skinny rake. Pin up seemed obvious as it embraces the curves of the female form, so when I was eighteen I had my first ever pin up shoot, and I loved every moment of it - even though it was on a freezing February afternoon in a studio with no heating! Now, I'm not suggesting I'm the next Bernie Dexter or Fleur de Guerre, but I would like to persue it a little bit more.

So, now you know a little bit more about me! Stay tune for more!

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