Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rockabilly Essentials: The Clothes

With my upcoming rockabilly tea party (The Mad Hepcat's Tea Party) I'm putting together a mini series of entries of everything rockabilly: Clothes, Accessories, Hair & Make Up, and Music.

Gladrags are ridiculously important to a rockabilly lass; they are what set us apart from the rest of the crowd. Whether it's a casual day look or a sumptuous night life outfit, it's all about embodying the ladies' curves, emphasising those chests, waists and hips - as Wanda Woodward said in Cry Baby "our bazooms are our weapons!"! So here is my guide to the garments every rockabilly kitten needs in her wardrobe:

Jeans. Everyone needs at least two pairs of jeans in their wardrobe, and the best ones by far are by Freddies of Pinewood. I first discovered this company at Goodwood Revival about three or four years ago, and I've never bought another brand of retro reproduction jeans since. The jeans are measured at the waist so they fit really nice and snug, and have a 33" inside leg so are a great length for turn-ups (unless you're me who requires a 36"). My personal favourites are the Classic Indigo and the Dungaree Dolls, but there are also shorts, 3/4 jeans and ones set to patterns from the 1940s and 1950s (Check out the Norma Jeans, inspired by Marilyn Monroe herself!). Freddies also do a selection of tops that fit perfectly with their jeans, and have just brought out their first range of dresses, modelled by the beautiful Stephanie Jay.

Me in my Freddies Dungarees
Isn't she lovely?
Staying with tops, Rocket Originals have what I think is my favourite top of all time! It's taken from an original 1940s pattern, and it's diamond decoration fits perfectly with rockabilly style. It's definitely going on my Christmas list!

It's also available in black
When it comes to dresses, it's all about the wiggle dress. I have several in my wardrobe in various styles, patterns and fabrics. Teamed with some killer heels (or flats, like me!), a fancy hair do, and red lippy you are ready to dance the night away!

Vivien of Holloway 
Collectif Clothing
Under all those clothes you're going to need some decent undies. Rockabilly style is based heavily on the 1950s when 'bazooms' were pointed. What Katie Did have a great range of bullet bras perfect for this, as well as some of the best shapewear in the business, and stockings to swear by.

Finally, moving onto shoes. There are many options for shoes: biker boots, pumps, brogues, creepers (sadly claimed by hipsters this season), wedges, stilettos - basically anything that takes your fancy but still has that retro, rockabilly edge. Probably the most famous shop for shoes is Miss L Fire, and boy oh boy do they have some delights! I could spend thousands with them!

Rocket Originals also have some great shoes that are much more 'pure' (ie: they resemble 1950s shoes rather than modern rockabilly style)
These are perfect for jiving!

Every rockabilly needs a decent pair of boots. Yes, they look good, but mainly their really warm when you're trekking around shows in the depths of winter! Mine have got a big hole in the sole so this year I think I'll be splashing out and getting this pair from Clarks:

I hope you enjoyed my walk through rockabilly clothing! Stay tuned for my next instalment: Accessories!

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