Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ein über deutsch herbstlich Tag.

Guten tag! Wilkommen!

Anyone that knows me knows that everyone that meets me tends to believe/assume that I am German. I don't know if that's because I am blonde haired, blue eyed and have that kind of squarish face 'typical' Germans have, or the fact I do, sometimes, mumble to myself in very broken German - I am looking to get back into learning German, so any willing and patient Germans/fluent German speakers in the area willing to teach me, get in touch! Anyway, this is not the point of this blog; the point of this blog is to show you my new outfit which I am very much looking forward to wearing a lot this autumn/winter.

So, the outfit...

I bought this dress on Sunday in Topshop for, what I think is, a bargain. It cost me £30 (well, £27 with student discount) and seeing as it is a thick, winter pinafore style dress I think that's quite a steal! Okay, it's not wool but what do you want for that money? Now, why the German aspect? Well, when I came out the fitting room in it, my friends couldn't believe how German I looked in it. Yes, über deutsch. It also has a slight vintage feel to it, a little more 1960s than I usually go for, but still a little difference is always welcome.

I paired it with a long sleeved top from Gap, that doesn't usually come out of the wardrobe unless I am going to site and it's particularly cold. Over the top I shall keep the slight vintage/archaeologist-at-work thing going by wearing what my mother calls my archaeologist cardigan from Primark.

It was very sunny in my room at this point, sorry!
I suppose I should show you my face too...for the make up I kept it very simple using Benefit's Eye Gotta! Annie Collection (Foiled on the lids, and Spiced in the crease)


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