Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Goodwood Revival 2012

Oh where to start? Words cannot express how much I absolutely love this event. This event was where my decision to dress/live(ish) vintage was born; when I was thirteen I saw beautiful ladies and gentlemen walking around just looking so stylish and sophisticated I aspired to be just like them. Ever since then we, that is the family and I, try to go every year, but this has been hard for me, what with the move to university up north. So it was an immense pleasure to go this year! Well, we sort of went...we went into the 'car park' where they had moved the majority of the stalls, the fair ground and the hair dressing parts - better known as the parts where myself and mother spend most of the day! Our logic worked that as we had not had to pay for tickets we had thus saved around £100 (and 3 gin and tonics thanks to the Gordon's vouchers!) and so needed to spend that amount to balance the books out. My personal highlight of the day was the Chap Olympiad, which was put on three times in the day, just after brunch, lunch and tea. I loved this event so much I am going to dedicate an entire entry to it, so stay tuned for that! I am also going to be dedicating an entry to my purchases as I think they need a special mention because they were absolute bargains! Hopefully next year I shall get a ticket to go into the show ground as I do enjoy some of the racing and the general atmosphere, but this was the perfect supplement!

For now then I shall leave you with some photos of the day...

The ladies working miracles on vintage styled hair - supplied by my old friends the Vintage Hair Lounge
Some of the action moved outside to where we were
I absolutely fell in love with this suit
Anyone got £2.8million spare?
I think that's a Hurricane, a Spitfire and a Messerschmitt but don't quote me on that... 
Chaps & Chappettes looking splendid, but more on them later...

And finally, what I wore:

Topshop Jumper (I've got to guess from 2009)
Freddies of Pinewood Dungarees
Vintage sunglasses bought at the event - up coming blog on that business soon!


Bruce Partington-Plans said...

Every year I keep saying I'll go to the Revival, and I never do! :-( Maybe 2013 will be my year... ;-)

At least I get to experience a lot of bloggers' day(s) second hand - it looks like you had a great time! Not sure about the buttons on that waistcoat, but I wouldn't say no to the suit. The three aeroplanes are actually a pair of P-51 Mustangs and a Corsair (in the middle), I think you'll find. ;)

Roxie Roulette said...

Ah thank you very much Mr Partington-Plans! My aeroplane knowledge is not what it used to be!
The suit was very small, and I think with a little tailoring would almost suit a ladies frame a la Marlene Dietrich...