Sunday, 1 December 2013

Open For Business!

I've had a bit of a career change...gone is the trowel, gone are the cocktail shakers and in with the vintage clobber! You all know that I love vintage clothing and vintage home ware so I decided to turn this passion into a business venture.

With the help of my parents and their friends, Mick and Sandy Mears, we have opened Shanghai Lil Vintage. It is a very small business for now, only based online and at the odd vintage fair, but hopefully it will grow and flourish into a successful business that I can get my main (or majority) income from.

The stock mainly revolves around vintage clothing from the 1950s to the 1980s, but also incorporates reproduction and some of the things Mama Roulette and Sandy cleverly make. At the fairs I will also be taking a range of home wares, mainly courtesy of the parents and the Mears' who have been avid collection for many a year. There is also a large collection of jewellery to finish off the outfits.

This blog is just an introduction to Shanghai Lil with links and that, but fret not! I shall show my wares (oooh matron!) to you in separate posts, giving you an in depth look into the pretties I shall be selling.

Please here for our shop, and why not check out our Facebook and Twitter too.

If you would like to feature our stall at your vintage fair, or know of a vintage fair that might interest us, please email us at:

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