Friday, 27 December 2013

Festive Frolics.

What a lovely few days I have had! I am absolutely stuffed full of food, alcohol and merriment. 

I kick started the season off with nibbles and rum with my parents' friends (and my adoptive family) the Mears' which was utterly delightful. Christmas Eve was spent at my cousins' house, who were, as you can imagine, bouncing off the walls with excitement for the forthcoming visit from a jolly bearded fellow.

Talking of Santa, I thought at the age of 22 I would not be on his list anymore, but alas! I was wrong! I awoke on Christmas Day to a little pile of pressies at the end of my bed, including a lovely wooden pineapple bowl, cocktail shaker and Soap & Glory smellies. Dad's family came over for day for the enormous feast my mum (with help) prepared. All in all it was a lovely day but did include some dubious hats...

We were up bright and early for Boxing Day to go to Romsey's 12th Annual Classic Car & Bike Meet. This really is a fabulous event for a great cause - Prostate Cancer UK - so if you're on the south coast, you should certainly head down to it next year for a brisk wake up after a heavy Christmas Day. The rest of the day was spent with the cousins again, trying to eat up more of the food. I  think we have enough cheese to last us until Easter...

Today, the day after Boxing Day, was another family day with Dad's side at his parents' house. Well...there was even more food that needed eating,  obviously!

So that was my festive season, but how did you spend your's? However it was, I hope it was a jolly nice one!

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