Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shhh! It's a Speakeasy!

Nearly two weeks after the event, I'm reporting back to you on the recent Speakeasy. Better late than never they say, and I was waiting for the professional photos to be published before sharing everything with you.

I had been looking forward to this night for months, literally months. It's very rare for me to find an event in Liverpool that I know that I am sure to enjoy, what with me not really enjoying modern music that much, and tending to dress a little...obscurely! This event had a lot riding on it's shoulders with my expectations so high, but, by heck, did it live up to it!

Our predrinks were spent with the company of Glenn Miller in the background and gin in the glass. Bliss! Easily the most I've enjoyed a predrinks in a long time!

Look! A proper polaroid!

The event ran from 9pm until just after 3am - there was a dance class before but tickets for that went in a flash! We arrived a little after ten thirty, fashionably late, and the venue was already filling up. The Kazimer is built like an old theatre with the seating removed, so there is a stage, a large dance floor where the stalls should be, and stair ways up to the balcony. The balcony is where the absinthe bar is situated, and this is where we headed first...

On the other wing of the balcony is the set up for their regular themed photo shoot. It's been mug shots, picture frames and this time, poker tables!

First on was The Fire Beneath The Sea, band whose Facebook describe them as 'progressive rap' - not really sure what that means but they were good! I can't really describe what they sounded like but they got the party going for the main act. Riot Jazz. Riot Jazz were sublime. A nine-piece jazz band who mix traditional style brass jazz with rapping lyrics. If you like that sort of jazz fusion thing on a night out - you know what I mean, jazz that you don't have to know how to Charleston, Lindyhop and Foxtrot too - I'd definitely try and get to see them!

Fire Beneath The Sea
Riot Jazz
So yes, after many an absinthe (Hemingway's Dream is definitely up there in my top ten off-the-menu cocktails) we left, hair waves slipping and kohl liner smudging, with aching feet.

The next Speakeasy is on the 27th April - I might not be able to make it because of university deadlines but hopefully the next one will be inked into my diary!

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