Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Roxie Reviews: MAC's Veluxe Brow Liner

As you all know I am some what of a MAC obsessive (this has not been aided by the recent addition of a second, yes second, store in Liverpool). I used to use their other eye brow pencil in 'linger', but I found, although the colour was perfect, it ran out far too quickly - not something I want for a product that retails at £12.50! I switched to using their eye shadow in 'courduroy' but it never gave me the look I wanted. So, you can only imagine my glee when I went into the MAC store to enquire about stuff in general that I was told about their new Veluxe Brow Liner that was coming out the very next day! Yippee!

The website says...

The artist's pencil of perfection. It fills, shapes and defines with a rich powdery formula that's matte and velvety smooth.

I really couldn't put it better myself. It has a glorious chalky texture that does not feel heavy on the  face but the powder sticks to the hairs all day, so you can rub away and your brows slide down your face. This light powder texture also means that it lasts forever! I have been using it every day for the past ten days and I haven't needed to sharpen it and the point is still pretty decent. It's really worth the £15 it retails for because I can see it lasting me a long time.

Unsharpened point still looking good!

As it says above the Veluxe Brow Liner is supposed to fill and shape the brow; I am currently suffering from patchy eyebrow syndrome (I don't know how, they're just atrociously wild and untameable at the moment) so this was a big plus for me. My left eyebrow is especially disobedient, veering dangerously towards looking like a tadpole, but using the pencil filled it in whilst still looking like it was hair there, rather than product.  This is also helped by the addition of a nifty little mascara wand style brush at the other end of the pencil to calm down the stray hairs into a workable shape before pencilling in your brows! Well done, MAC!

Nifty little brush - apologies for slight gunk!

I got the shade 'brunette' - apparently my natural hair colour is more brunette than blonde *shudders* - but the blonde would have suited me just as well. I chose brunette because I like that bold brow look, although I do have to be careful I don't leave the house with a so-called Scousebrow. Although the colour suited me, I can imagine this would be the main issue for other people out there. The website is cleverly deceiving in their swatches - the products themselves are actually all very similar in colour, except from the black. If you are fair haired or a red head, this product probably isn't for you as the colour might be too contrasting - that is if you are going for the natural look that is. 

Personally, I think this product is amazing - it is everything I look for in an eyebrow product, but I can see it's flaws for other people so because of that I give it...


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