Monday, 4 March 2013

Goodbye Money.

I feel I say this every year, but yes, Miss L Fire have released their Spring/Summer 2013 range. And yes, I want them all.

Again, the shoes look absolutely fabulous. The 'L' range are bright and colourful - beyond perfect for summer - and the regular range fills that space between shoes to wear to work and shoes to wear out, all with a lovely little vintage heel so you aren't falling over after one too many martinis!

If work wasn't so messy these would be perfect! Kon Tiki - £56.99
Again, would be ace at work - Mexicali - £56.99
It's a top up between the blue and red ones for me!  Sailor - £64.99
Love the height of the heel on these, perfect for us tall gals! Flora - £104.99
These come in black, red, green and blue, and I will take a pair of each! Tease - £109.99

Those are my favourites, have you chosen your's?

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Harlow Darling said...

Miss L Fire really do have some amazing shoes! If I wasn't so nervous about buying shoes online I'd be completely broke :P