Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Daily Face - Week #3

Here with me in my first complete week of blue hair:

Day 15 sees me venturing out for the first proper day with blue hair, victory rolled to the max. I made the silly mistake of wearing a lot of eye liner on a day that decided to p*ss down with rain (I covered my hair with my scarf to save myself turning into some sort of Smurf creature). Ooh la la I got glamorous on Day 17 with the Society of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology Christmas Dinner. Day 18 was taken just before a cheeky shift at my old work, Aloha - oh how good it was to be back! Not really sure what happened with day 19, I look very happy, and my hair is very curly! I like Day 20 so much I've made it my picture of a few sites I'm on - unfortunately the look went to waste as I then got ill...hence the sorrow in Day 21 =(

Join me next week for Week #4!

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