Monday, 2 January 2012

It Was A Very Good Year...

And for once, it really was! Usually I absolutely despise new years because I remember everything that went wrong, everything I didn't do, everyone that hurt me in some way. But 2011 was different, completely different. I didn't do a Christmas recap and this won't be a New Years Eve one either (I don't have a camera anymore and the photos that were taken are a little too incriminating for the public eye I think) so instead I will take a leaf out of Missy Vintage's book and do a picture recap of the entire year. Hold onto your hats...

So I started the year with brown hair...yeah...really not me is it? Too natural! This was our first night out after our first semester exams which was a massive relief! I quite like my outfit, but that skirt is so short! It definitely requires tights!

February saw me back in lectures and the start of several more nights out. The photo above is a Barbie & Action Man night out. I might not look that Barbie'd up but for me, I really am. Hair is straightened, I'm wearing fake tan (uuuurgh) and just generally girly.

Look who it is! Let me introduce you to Yinka, my oldest friend whom I've known since we were tiny (well she was tiny, I was never tiny). She came up to Liverpool for our friend Victoria's birthday and hopefully she'll be up again soon! Notice the brown hair is still there...shudder.

Phew! That's more like it! The blonde was back in April thanks to a bottle of bleach - my hair is now well and truly frazzled! This is me and Kat, my best friend who moved to Plymouth later in the year which saddened me greatly. I think I remember this night as the night I got ready in twenty minutes hence the lack of styling and complex make up.

Meanwhile back in Liverpool we had a couple of weeks before the exams began and then finally the exodus of Lady Mountford C Block. It was a stressful month in terms of work but my exams were over in the first week so I had a nice 10 days of to do absolute nothing. Cue hours wasted on Sims, Youtube and walks to Tesco and back.

And here it is, the penultimate night as a Fresher, and it was a very interesting night indeed! The actual last night was a foam party and thus really not glamourous at all. I really like this outfit, especially in summer months, even though it's not vintage or rockabilly one bit. 

July was a glorious month with the Hotrod Hayride and the adoption of my lovely Agatha! It truly is the highlight of my year and I can't wait for this year's! Needless to say I adore this outfit :)

There it is again, that photo! I said it would crop up again! August saw me embarking on my first proper archaeological dig at Eddisbury Hillfort. Marvellous times all round me thinks!

Pink! The hair is pink! I had a major hair colour chnge in September and took the plunge and went pink. I have only just got the colour out and there is still a mild tinge of pink lingering. I loved the colour and I plan on going many other colours but for now I'll stick to pearl white.

October and my twentieth birthday! Scary times! I really liked my outfit this year, and I think my hair and make up made the look complete - even if it did take me a full hour to brush out the back combing the next day!

Another little hair change in November when I had Bettie Bangs cut back in and a splash of more pink. November was a quiet month really as the work really began to mount up. In the six weeks I had left of the semester I had 11,000 words to write and countless books to read. Partying and socialising outside of the library took the back seat, although Heather and I had some raves with our Tesco meal deals and peach water of an eve...not.

So here we are at the end of the year. December was very busy for work with a deadline a week for essays and when the last one came (a very long report on the Eddisbury project) I could have kissed the ladies on the front desk when they took it off my hands! Homeward bound there was Christmas, meeting friends and family again and finally new years eve! I wore a Topshop dress that I got in the sale a couple of years ago for £20. I rarely wear this dress but I think it needs to come out the wardrobe a lot more!

And that's it! Here's to 2012 and I hope y'all have a good'un!

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Miss K said...

You've changed through the year :) In a good way of course! Yeaaah it was the flight from hell!! I just wanted to boke all over the place but that would be very disgusting!