Monday, 16 January 2012

I'm Back In Liverpool...

...And everything seems the same.

Okay, I couldn't resist doing at least one blog with that title given the city I spend over half the year in.

It does seem very much the same as when I left in December. The work load is very much the same and the people haven't changed a bit (which is good!). I've just sat my first exam of my first semester of second year; it was Ancient Warfare, if anyone was wondering. I think it went as well as it good have, and I got in some so called 'funky facts' in there to wow the lecturers, such as the commission for the Riace Warriors as a commemoration for the dead Athenians who gave their lives at the Battle of Marathon. Boom! This blog is truly educational!

So, I haven't even stepped anywhere near town since I've been back (except from my friend Jhodi's 21st birthday trip out on Friday, but that doesn't count!) so I haven't been able to scout out any vintage/repro bargains, see if there are any events on, or anything more interesting that giving you readers odd facts about archaeology. For this I must apologise.

One last thing before I close this brief post: I was warned by my housemate that my beloved house plant Barry the Basil had died. Try as I might with water, sunshire (pah, like we've had much of that recently!) and love Barry was truly gone. Barry II will replace him as soon as I remember to pick one up in Aldi.

RIP Barry

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