Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Let's Take A Walk...

I confess I stole this post (gasp!) from the lovely chap over at Eclectic Ephemera, but as a Southamptonian and a complete history freak I couldn't resist sharing this with my readers:

Let's take a seven minute tour through pre-Blitz'd Southampton...

I would have loved to have seen a pre-1940s Southampton town! I do love Southampton (most of the time...) but isn't the old town much more beautiful? I did hear once that the city's High Street is actually a pre-fab one built after the war as a temporary measure. Well, sixty years later it's still there! Time for a revamp I think!

In the video I spotted a complete Holy Rood church, a Bargate that was still attached to the High Street, the old floating bridge, and even the end of my dad's old road in Bitterne Park! What did you lads and lasses spot?

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Sarah said...

I would love to just step into a time machine and fly back to past times, haha!
Following you from now (which means I'm your 50th follower, woo!). (:

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