Sunday, 26 February 2012

Is It Spring Yet?

After Thursday's glorious weather I dabbled in the thought that spring might finally be here - alas the  rain in the early morning of Friday dashed these thoughts! Nevertheless, it certainly got me thinking: I need to sort my summer wardrobe out. Specifically, I need to sort my swimwear out. I haven't been abroad on a proper summer holiday for nearly four years and so am really hoping to get away for a week or two in between working and digging this summer. This has resulted in me not buying a decent bikini for a while (well, I bought one in Primarni for just general trips to the beach last summer, but that doesn't count!) so I've done a little bit of hunting and concluded that Topshop - oh that old haunt! - have certainly got a brilliant collection of vintage styled swimwear this season.

Bird Outline Bikini - £26 (I love the brightness of this and the bow adds a cute detail)

Push-Up Bikini with High Waisted Pants - £32 (What is not to love about this bikini?! High waisted bottoms look great on every shape)

Hibiscus Print Bandeau & High Waisted Pants - £30 (Ahhh Hawaiian prints! Love them!)

Pink Gingham Bikini - £30 (Bit more rockabilly, but still fabulous! Also available in mint green)
Red Palm Print One-Piece - £32 (Looks great from the front but not sure on the back though...Also available in a bikini)

There are lots more on the site that I haven't included, equally as lovely, including little beach dresses to cover up with. I shall definitely be purchasing one for this summer but which one...?

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Jojo said...

Ooh thanks for the share, I need some new swimwear for my honeymoon! :) Def going to head to topshop!