Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy National Singles Awareness Day!

Here it is again. Every year I get my hopes up. Maybe this year I won't actually be single? Maybe this is the year I go on a date and it'll be lovely? Nope. Yet again the Postman didn't call and I remain dateless for Valentine's Day - or National Singles Awareness Day (NSAD) as I have renamed it for bitter singletons such as myself.

Talking of cards: This is the best NSAD card I've ever seen. It made me a little bit sick when I saw it in the shop when shopping with the better half of my hoemance - needless to say, we also wet ourselves.

Oh Edward...

I know it's easy a 'forever alone' person such as myself to scorn the big V Day, but really? When you are presented with the above evidence is it really hard to understand why? Mind you, as a person who has never received a NSAD card in her life, I shouldn't really judge on standard. That's right, folks, I have never even received the opportunity of a Valentine's card. Cue the violins! Maybe my family are right...maybe I am destined to be 'her'...

So what am I going to do with my day? (Except sit and dream about my Mr Bingley coming and sweeping me off my feet - I was never a Darcy girl). Well, after watching This Morning - I'm a student, don't judge - I might head to the gym for a little work out to boost my self-lovin' levels, maybe then take a trip to the library to start one of my twelfty essays, and then it's home to indulge myself with a good shower, and then spend hours on hair and make up to make myself feel all beautiful. This will probably all be completely ruined when I go and meet Heather (the better half of the hoemance) and co for a cheeky night at The Raz. Anyone who has been to The Raz in Liverpool knows two things: a) You don't go in sober, and b) You definitely do not wear your best shoes (Raz juice ahoy!).

That's all I really have to say one the matter of National Singles Awareness Day for this year. Maybe next year I'll have a date who will bring me cards and flowers and all those lovely things. Oh, what's that? Is that a pig flying past my window?

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