Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's been too long! And photo time!

So has it been a month? Something like that, I think! I had exams, and then had to settle back into uni so it's been quite a hectic time in my life aha! Other than working there's nothing much to report back on, other than...yes I was single again on Valentines! Ho hum!

But, a couple of days ago the photos I did in the summer with Steve Biddlecombe have been made public! So here's a selection of my favourites:

Oh! And I've started doing youtube video tutorials! Just some hair and make up ones, and I've only filmed one so far, but I'm really enjoying doing it! Youtube just takes so darn long uploading them!


Small town girl in a lonely world said...

Much love for those photo's Hannah, you look stunning!
The last one is very you ;)

Pomona Green said...

Absolutely LOVE the photos, so authentically vintage pin up! Brill!!
Pomona x