Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I have never been so insulted in all my life!

Yes! I know I said I wouldn't post for another couple of weeks but WHATEVER! I'm angry! Don't mess with me right now!

So, I don't know if anyone remembers me being so excited about a new festival called 'Vintage @ Goodwood'? Well I had a really good weekend, had this year's pencilled into my diary, and was hoping to be more involved than last year. Today, I read that Wayne Hemingway - the organisor and owner of Red or Dead - has changed the location and entire set up of the festival. It's no longer a music festival, but what seems to be an attempt at a rejuvination of the Festival of Britain but knowing Wayne Heminway and going by last year's prices, it's going to even more of a money making scheme. So yes, that's all fine, but it's not the great weekend that I had last year! And once again, it's in London! Just like everything else is!

So I posted a complaint on their facebook page to express my disappointment and then got baraged with insults and rude people including Vintage @ Goodwood themselves! They have certainly lost my custom!

Tell me, do I sound ignorant in my posts? Or is it just me?

Wow. What a disappointment! I loved Vintage @ Goodwood and had high hopes for it returning to such a beautiful location. Why must everything bein London? You just can't get the same atmosphere there! And I thought Vintage @ Goodwood was a music festival? I can't see a Glastonbury feel happening on South Bank! I can only sense a lot of money exchanging hands and $$ signs rolling around Mr Hemingway's eyes!

Just a man on Facebook:
So do you think Goodwood was a charity? That they would offer up their location for free? Get real!

And South Bank is? Just as much organisation and even more sercurity would be required for South Bank. And its not all about the money, Goodwood has a vintage heritage wih the race track, the airfield and the house, not to mention the enthusiasm of Lord March

Vintage @ Goodwood:

You clearly don't understand the philosophy of the charity that is the Southbank Centre and the philosophy of HemingwayDesign. If you fancy having a go at trying to understand our philosophy rather than mouthing off ignorantly we s...
uggest you have a look here... html/waynes%27s_mouthings.htm

Suggesting the Southbank Centre lacks cultural heritage is ludicrous. This is one of the most stimulating, iconic and revered buildings in cultural history.

I never said that the South Bank Centre lacks cultural heritage, I simply said that Goodwood was a better site, in my opinion - which last time I checked, I could express - for a festival that had lots of different music and eras. I know th...e South Bank ran a great Festival of Britain for many years and I'm pleased that it is being rejuvinated, however it won't be the same festival as last year's - which I thoroughly enjoyed and had pencilled into my diary for this year.

But now you have called me ignorant and rude, whilst being very insulting to me, you have lost my custom and I will be sure to inform everyone I know that was interested in this of this conversation and your approach to someone who really enjoyed last year.
Vintage @ Goodwood:
 Correct... It won't be the same as last year and whilst we agree Goodwood was a beautiful site for Vintage 2010 we're trying something different this year and we thank those understanding and embracing this.
And no doubt there's more to come! I have a little support but mostly insults! Great!


Small town girl in a lonely world said...

Wow! I would expect snarky comments from random people on FaceBook but from the organisation itself?!
Go you for sounding off! Couldn't they have simply said the second comment? That they wanted to try something new this year without attacking you personally?

Roxie Roulette said...

Exactly what I thought! It's not very professional is it?

EternallyEnchanting_ said...

I thought event organisers were supposed to be professionals?! Clearly these guys/this guy missed getting that memo and figured that he could keep his customers returning by having a go at them.
Well done for speaking up, no one should be had a go at for voicing their opinions.

Missy Vintage said...

I just found you via twitter. Wow, what a horrible and rude reply! As a customer you would think they would appreciate your view and the fact that you care enough to give feedback! You won't be alone in your view and they have probably shocked many.many of there customers with such an insulting and very arrogant reply!