Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Just a Quickie...

So tomorrow is my first exam (It's Aegean and Greek so I'm feeling okay about it) and I have been snowed under with work, and I will be until next week. After then you still won't hear from me for a while due to me being either a) intoxicated, b) asleep or c) hungover! A girl needs to celebrate! My eyes have permament dark circles under them - if anyone follows my Tumblr or Twitter then you'll have read about and even seen the results of exam stress! Even as I type this I feel my eyes getting heavier, and I still have tv to catch up on when people are all chilled for the evening!

So, yes, I think it'll be a good two weeks until I write another blog on here but you can keep up with me on Twitter and Tumblr if ye like!

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