Thursday, 15 March 2012


Well, haven't I been a busy bunny? Between balancing a mountain of uni work I have finally bagged myself a part-time job. Now, this isn't just any part-time job (nor is it an M&S job) this is a very exciting adventure. You may have read my little review on a vintage fair I went to a long time ago at Liverpool's only tiki bar, Aloha? Well, I only went and got myself a job there! You cannot understand my excitement when I got invited to an interview! Two chats later I got the call for me to jump aboard the crew, and three shifts in (with lots of training too) I am loving it. Apart from the obvious - the rum, the music, the people - one of the ultimate perks of the job is the uniform. This is the best excuse I've ever had to go a bit mad and buy a load of vintage-y tiki things! I have quite a bit in my wardrobe anyway but no time like the present to expand!

I probably won't wear dresses to work, but maybe one might creep it's way into my wardrobe for summer...

Red Sarong Dress - Collectif £55

Blue Tiki Sarong Dress - Collectif £25
I'm currently wearing my old, old, old pair of Freddies of Pinewood jeans but I am thinking this is the perfect time to invest in a new pair. Now, which to choose...?

Maybe a pair of pedal pushers? - £48

I think I prefer them in blue though - £45
Shirts can be picked up from most hightstreets, vintage stores and good ol' eBay for varying prices. I've found some for £5 (usually made of cheap nylon fabrics though, so I avoid them) and then I've also seen some for well over £100 - I've then put them down and walked away...quickly.

Shoes wise, heels are a definite no no. Being on your feet for ten hours and running the gauntlet between the bar and guests definitely requires some comfy shoes! For now I've got my biker boots and some cheapo Primarni pumps, and for summer I'll probably invest in deck shoes that will survive. But if I could wear any tiki shoes for work there is only one shop I would go to...

Ahhh I love them so much! 'Bluebird' Miss L Fire - £54.99
These look so comfy! - 'Capri' Miss L Fire - £54.99
'Monterrey' Miss L Fire - £59.99
These are from their S/S'11 collection but are still available in some sizes - 'Honolulu' Miss L Fire £59.99
Taking some inspiration from Miss Fleur de Guerre I have decided I need to invest in more bangles. I bought some from New Look and will keep my eye out on the high street for more, but these are definitely being added to my collection!

Bow & Crossbones - £3.50 (Also available in 2 packs - £6.50 - and 3 packs - £9)
I need these! Bow & Crossbones - £7.50

I can see where my first wage packet will be going...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job! I love those pedal pushers, and the dresses, and well, everything really! X

RCagz said...

Well done on bagging a job! Seems like a good catch too :)
And why not wear a dress to work? The ones you featured are pretty gorgeous xoxo

~*MissTiki*~ said...

I would go for the pedal pushers, I seen them in Rockers England, and look fab! Well done on getting the job,what a dream place to work! I make hair flowers with flamingoes & Tiki's if you want to be Tiki from head to toe :) xx