Monday, 29 August 2011

Miss L Fire A/W '11

I feel I write a lot of posts about clothes and shoes I would like but I could never afford...

Well here's another! The brilliant Miss L Fire have released photos for their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection - available 1st September! - and I want...hmm...quite a few pairs! I think I'll have to wait until the sale though as their shoes are notoriously expensive, even though these prices haven't been revealed yet! At least their classic yet eclectic pieces will never go out of fashion with me! What I love about their shoes though is they do a great selection for those ladies of a bigger foot size and they do a range of heel sizes from flats, to middy heels to skyscrapers.

'Ivy' in black and red

Pocahontas (I won't lie, the name sold these to me!)

'Clara' in ruby

 'Edith' in black

'Goddess' in nude - I like the idea of having a nude goddess on my tootsies

'Lauren' in tan - although this pair is, apparently, too much like the pair in this blog

I think I'll be asking Santa for a pair of these (well I have to get my list to him early!) this Christmas time, but what pair shall I go for?

(All photography belongs to Miss L Fire)

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RCagz said...

I love the 'Goddess' ones but the 'Lauren' boots looks sooo comfy! xoxo