Sunday, 17 July 2011

Glorious Goodies!

I've been a busy girl this week buying lots of new clothes and shoes - with the aid of dad's credit card, obviously - as my wardrobe needed quite a revamp! It might look like a lot of things but all were purchased in the sale, except a couple of things that were soo cheap anyway, so, technically, I saved lots of the parents money which should just be spent on more things!

So, first off there are a few unphotographed items for this blog. I didn't think you really needed to see photos of my underwear...
In the Debenhams sale I got two sets of underwear and one lonesome bra.

  • Gossard 'Wild Flowers' Plunge Bra £29.00 £14.50 now £8.70
  • Gossard 'Wild Flowers' Thong £12.00 now £2.70
  • Ted Baker 'Bows Silk' Plunge Bra £24.50 £12.25 now £7.35
  • Ted Baker 'Bows Silk' Thong £12.50 £6.25 now £3.75
  • Gorgeous (By Debenhams) 'Verity' Balcony Bra £24.00 £12.00 now £7.20
What I loved about my undies haul was there was so much choice, which for a girl with a large bust, is very rare for me!

The other unphotoed items were two pairs of New Look skinny jeans; one with a 32" leg and one with a 36" leg which is perfect for freaks like me! Both these pairs were £9.99 each so I'm not expecting much from them, but I've been wearing the 32" ones for a couple of days now and the shape is still holding up.

Now for some lovely photos...

£25.00 now £12.50 - Hepwright's Vintage Fashion

The photo doesn't really do this vintage jumper from Hepwright's justice!  It's a muted orange-red and hand knitted - as far as I can tell anyway - so it should be nice and snugly warm for those cold northern winters! Their sale is still on in their boutique in Bedford Place, Southampton, with everything on white hangers up to half price!

£55.00 now £15.00 - Long Tall Sally

I don't usually shop in Long Tall Sally - a shop specialising in tall women's clothing - because a lot of it is for the maturer woman, focusing especially on office wear. However, I saw that they were having a sale in their Winchester store so I decided to take a look. I found this grey (anyone that knows me, knows I do love grey tops!) cardigan with flat studs on the shoulders; the front doesn't do up but I never bother with doing cardies up anyway, and instead hangs like a waterfall. I'm thinking I could possibly pin the waterfalling material up to make a thick top too...

£15.99 now £7.00 - Blue Inc.

Going back to my rockabilly roots I got this simple gingham tie blouse in the Blue Inc. sale and cannot wait to wear it with my Freddies of Pinewood jeans at the Hayride! The weekender is just eleven days away and I can feel my excitement bubbling away!

£28.00 £14.00 now £8.40 - Red Herring

This tea dress is a little shorter than I would usually prefer but in this 'hot' (who am I kidding?) summer a shorter skirt is nice. I love the flowery pattern and the on-trend lacy collar, and teamed with a white or tanned belt (it has little hooks which suggests it was supposed to have a belt with it but for that price I can hardly complain!) it makes for the perfect summer dress.

£19.99 now £9.99 - New Look

New Look tends to be my saviour for shoes as they stock a wide range of shoes in sizes eight and nine that don't resemble something an arthritic granny wears. This pair of vintage inspired pumps are replacing my very worn out pair from Primark, but they are causing me the most crippling blisters at the moment as I wear them in!

£24.99 now £9.99 - New Look

These are definitely more of a winter shoe - even though I wore them today to Winchester! - and are still suitably vintage in my opinion. They remind me of the sort of shoe worn in the cold North American winters in the late 1940s and early 1950s that were warm but had a glimpse of glamour too. The chunky heel means they are secure under foot and don't lead to achy feet an hour into wearing them.

£3.00 £1.50 now £0.90 a pair - Debenhams

How could I have refused these socks? With one pair saying 'I <3 Sailors' and another reading 'Aye Aye Captain!' and covered in stripes, they were everything I've ever wanted in a pair of socks!

And that's it! That's my super saving haul of new clothes! And the total saving came to...

Drum roll please!


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Ivy Black said...

Helllooo! Just found you via fb...'tis a small world indeed.
Loving your bargains. Gorgeous tea dress.
Have fun at the Hayride...not going this year, so I'll look forward to hearing how it went. Same weekend as Wayne Hemmingway's do...not going to that either, but that's through choice!
Take care,
Emma (Ivy Black)xxx