Saturday, 16 April 2011

Roxie Reviews: ELF Cosmetics

Recently I purchased five products from the £1.50 range of ELF Cosmetics online. I was really impressed with the website, the delivery and the majority of the products considering their price. For £1.50 you can't really go too wrong! The delivery was was £2.95 (not £2.50 like I said in the video) so that really wasn't too bad either.

For my nails I tried the Matte Finisher nail polish; I haven't tried any matte nail finisher before so I thought I'd give it a go and I was thoroughly impressed. I've had it on my nails a couple of days now and the shine has turned from matte to satin but anything that is matte will gain a shine with wear. I would definitely try this shade again.

I had been warned away from their foundations and powders by a friend, and for £1.50 I think I'd give them a miss anyway because good foundations tend to need to be expensive anyway. I toyed between their Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder and their All Over Color Stick. In the end I went for the Color Stick in Golden Peach and truth be told, I wish I'd gone for the bronzing powder. Although the pigmentation of the Color Stick was good it just wasn't right for my skin tone at the moment, and would have suited a more olive skin tone or holiday skin. However, they do do other shades - pinks, highlights, and plums - so I might give those a go when I get more money.

Moving onto eyes I was disappointed that ELF don't do a single eyeshadow - apart from their mineral range, priced at £3.00 - and instead you have to buy a duo, trio or quad selection. I went for a quad of the Brightening Eye Color because I wanted a bit of colour in my mini-haul. 'Punk Funk' certainly didn't disappoint! I was amazed that eyeshadows at around 38p each could be so pigmented! From just swiping them on my hand without a primer I was so impressed with the colour pay off. I've yet to wear them on my eyes so I don't know how long they will last but hopefully they'll be amazing.

I bought two lip products: one lipgloss and one liquid lipstick. The Hypershine Lipgloss in Vixen has just enough tint to have an effect on your lips, it's long wearing and quite moisturising. The range of colours for this product from ELF is also really extensive so there is sure to be a colour to suit everybody. However, the Luscious Liquid Lipstick was really disappointing. Traditionally a lipstick is much more colour pigmented than a sheer lipgloss, but this one from ELF has so little colour in it, regardless of what the website advertises. The image of the colour I chose (Ruby Slipper) shows a highly colourful deep red, but when I applied it to my lips it barely made a difference! So, for the lips I would definitely get the lipgloss again in varying shades, but I will keep well away from!

In my opinion ELF is well worth a visit, but beware, it's quite a lucky dip with what you'll get! But for £1.50, you're not exactly breaking the bank if you decide you don't like it, are you?

Here's my youtube review of my products so you can actually see them!

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jddavis189 said...

I am glad to read your review, as I have been toying with purchasing more from this honestly cheap brand, along with one called NYC. I am American, and don't know if they have the second brand across the pond. Point is, they are comparable in price. I got a foundation from NYC because they have something similar to the Covergirl product I usually use, but for half the price. Seems to be okay so far. I also got the luscious liquid lipstick, like you, but mine was baby lips, or some similar name. A very sheer pink. On my lips, it is not at all pigmented and doesn't make my lips shiny, but I like the ease of application, the softening feel, and the smell. Mine seems to have a sweet mint scent. It really seems to be a more liquid Chapstick or a less messy and more velvet gloss, both of which I can live with. I will take your advice on their other products, certainly, and might try out their blush next.