Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Changing Colours of My Hair

Friends, family and people I just generally know always comment on my hair. It has seen many a colour in its nineteen years of existence ranging from it's natural colour (ew), to dark brown, red and almost white. This morning I rebleached my hair, thus commencing my third term as an unnatural blonde. It made me think: how many colours have I actually had? So, sit back, get a cuppa because this is probably gonna be a long one, and enjoy as I take you on a magical, mystical tour of the ever changing thing that is my hair.

First up we have the natural hair, cue sick bags. This picture was taken at my prom in the summer of 2008, but it had already been through two drastic changes...

First I took the stupid decision aged 14 that I know longer wanted beautiful blonde hair so bought myself a bottle of cheap brown hair dye which basically resulted in a phase in my life that I refuse to look at photos from.

Oh it's so bad! Apologies Tiff :P

So when I realised what a disgusting mistake I had made I went to the hairdressers to have it highlighted. This is the first, and only time, I have been to the hairdressers to have my hair dyed. It suited me at the time, and I like the look on other ladies, but it's too much up keep for me!

Christmas 2006

That soon grew out and cue the first picture from prom. It was back to natural hair for me but that didn't last long! In the summer of 2008 I dyed my hair bleach blonde. However, the silly person I am didn't lighten my hair first so it resulted in a disgusting bright orange which only calmed down in the next few dyes. This, thankfully, was never documented on camera! I kept the platinum blonde until about March 2009 so I guess it's the hair colour I've kept the longest and the one I always return to.

Photo thanks to Hollie Calton

From the platinum blonde I tried to go brown again but the blonde underneath peeped through quickly. I suppose it looks like my professionally highlighted? This look really didn't last long, about six weeks I think.

For some strange reason after that I thought red hair would suit me. It was a dark red, granted, and I'm still not sure if it suited me. But, I think the fuss afterwards to get my hair back to blonde - via ginger - was too much and I highly doubt I will ever go back there.

Then, oh God then, then came the ginge! I had tried to neutralise the red by adding a dark ash blonde to it (the grey tones in ash are supposed to compensate the red tones) but alas, the result was ginger. The ginger stuck around for a long time too but not on purpose! I think I was a ginge - or strawberry blonde as I insisted at the time - for about six months whilst I battled to get my hair blonde again before finally giving in and reaching for the bleach.

This is my Yvette Fielding phase...never again

Then in March 2010 I realised there was only thing for it: Bleach! I reached for the bottle (of hair dye, things weren't that bad with my hair!) and a voila I was a blonde again!

For a brief phase in my platinum blonde of 2010 session I added a splash of colour! I had two streaks of pink in my hair and loved having them! I fully intend on putting them back in once my current hair is white enough!

With the cold nights drawing in my summer blonde hair didn't seem right so once again I went dark. I probably liked it for about a month and then I thought "Nah, I really want my blonde back now." even though I'd had lots of lovely comments on my dark hair.  It started off really dark, almost black, and then, due to the bleach, it faded and faded.

Then it faded. And yes, I had sniffed the sherry in this photo

And now we reach today! I'm blonde again! It's brassy but give it time!

What will be next I wonder? Hopefully I'll stay a blonde for a long time!


RCagz said...

Oh dear lord I'm in the background of the 2nd photo o_O
Your new hair looks lush :) I do miss your platinum blonde do' though! xoxo

life full of colors said...

Don't worry I past this process too. From the last 15 years I changed my hair colors maybe ... GOD knows how many times. You look nice in blonde ! so try to keep this color but be sure it's need a lot of work. greetings from Cyprus, Katerina