Friday, 2 August 2013


Hello! How have we all been? I've had a hectic couple of weeks since we last spoke, all of which I'm going to be filling you in with in the next two or three posts.

First up is news on my graduation! Now, a bit of a downer to start because my dad lost his camera (and all the graduation photos on it) at some point during the day which was more than a bit pooey. Thankfully I had a few on my own camera and so did my mum - some friends also kindly donated their images to me. But enough of that, on with the day...

It was an early start (6:30am! Eugh!) for me to get myself ready. This was the first time my flatmate saw me in curlers, and I'm not entirely sure what he thought. Anyway, I brushed it all out and donned my handmade dress that my mum had slaved over the previous week. The weather was absolutely scorchio and I was dreading donning the black robe and mortar board over my black dress, but it was all worth it to get the 2.1 with honours certificate at the end of the day and to celebrate the end of three years with my friends.

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