Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Forward.

Do I dare? Did I just jinx it? Humblest apologies if I have, but it seems the south has got the springtime bug - it took long enough! I'm home in Southampton for Easter, but it's back off up to Liverpool on Friday for what I can only describe as seven weeks of hell. From 8th April to the 1st June I plan on being in the library most of the time as all my final, final, final deadlines all descend on me at once! I have 20,000 words to research and write so this blog will probably take a bit of a back seat until freedom is in sight.

If I do get a breather I might do a little recap of what's been going on on my Instagram  like I'm doing now...

So when I left Liverpool last Wednesday the photo on the left was what I saw from my window. Snow. Yes, snow. Only Britain couldn't have a White Christmas but a White Easter instead! But then just less than one week later look at those lovely springtime skies! Yes, the trees are still bare, but seeing as that photo was just taken after 6pm, I think at least the feeling of spring is there.

Last Saturday me and the parents went out to a rockabilly night at The Talking Heads in Southampton to catch up with some people and to see some bands play (The Ace Trio were as ace as usual!); this is my outfit for the night, my new Freddies of Pinewood jeans, an old gingham strapless top (which needs the bones taking out because they bend too much and make me look large...) and a bikini because I forgot my strapless bra. Also, check out the bumper bangs! I'm getting much better at them!

I got some lovely new things at Ikea including these tiki-esque glasses amongst other things that I'm keeping under wraps for a while. I have to move house at the end of June and plan on living by myself so I can really let my style develop, hopefully the things I bought today will aid that.

I posted on Instagram way back in January that I was looking for a peachy coral lipstick but my search had been unsuccessful until I found the new Rimmel Apocalips in Luna. It's a perfect colour, but I'm not too keen on the texture - unlike the advert it isn't quite as opaque as a lipstick and you have to have really smooth lips for it it not to show up an chapped skin.

Easter obviously meant the end of my vegetarianism so...McDonalds it was! I know, I know, its horribly processed gunk but I have been craving a Big Mac for weeks!

Finally, I travelled back in style last week. I could really get used to this first class malarky! Free lunch and, more importantly, free wine! Oh yes, very pleasant!

(One last thing, the competition I mentioned in my last post ended on the 1st April. Sadly, I didn't win, but I did come fourth so I must thank all those who voted for me! Congratulations to the winner, and good luck Bettina Scarlett for the event!)


Hollie said...

your bumper bangs look amazing! it's so great that your parents go to rockabilly events too! my mum has a vintage stall she takes to 1940s events but it must be great fun if you're into the same music etc.
good luck with your assignments!xx

Harlow Darling said...

Your hair looks gorgeous!!!