Monday, 12 September 2011

Lili Bizarre & The Unwearable Beauty

As a vintage enthusiast that prefers the 1950s over the 1980s I'm often left feeling disappointed by the selection at vintage shops and fayres. The racks always seem to be swamped by polyster dresses and dodgy trousers that were left at the back of cupboards for a reason, until now. Liverpool, I suppose, is slightly more my cup of tea because of it's 1960s heritage so I can pick up a few things if I see them and if they fit. However, finally I have found a vintage shop in Liverpool that had  a marvellous selection of 1940s, 1950s and 1960s dresses for prices as teensy weensy as the waists on the skirts...

Let me introduce you to Lili Bizarre. Although they are first and foremost a fancy dress costume hire store they have the most amazing vintage dresses available for as little as £20. Now, you do have to be 'vintage sized' to fit into them (ie: waist as small as my thigh) so it does narrow the availability to most. I bought one dress in there, which I will never ever fit into because of my rather buxom chest but when I saw it and then clocked the price tag I could not resist it's charm. It was just beautiful! You couldn't buy a modern or vintage dress of such quality and detail for £20 anywhere else! It has a little damage, like the tear in one of the seams that just needs a few stitches with invisible thread and then a few wear-and-tear stains that can be steamed out, but still, it's very much worth the money!

Just imagine it with a full petticoat underneath! Beautiful!

The detail is incredible, don't you think?

They have a few more fancy dresses and a lot more day dresses in stock so if you're in the area I'd strongly recommend having a browse!

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